Prickly Pear District 




Scouting Advancement and Skills
Patrol Leadership Resources Camping Resources OA and Pioneering Resources
Junior Leader Training Making Fire With Flint & Steel Native American Technology & Art
A Scout is Reverent Dutch Oven Cooking Boy Scout Pioneering Projects
Scout History and Traditions International Dutch Oven Society Tying The Knot
Scouting is a Game with a Purpose Leave No Trace
Scout Uniform & Insignia Online Guide Hiking & Walking Homepage United States Flag
COPE - Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience  Flag of the United States
United States Flag Etiquette
First Aid Resources
Merit Badge Resources "ABC"s of CPR
Merit Badge Requirements  First Aid for Poison Oak/Ivy Safety Resources
Merit Badge Dot Com First Aid for Snake Bite Lightning Safety
Orienteering Resources Knot Tying & Lashing Resources Meeting Resources
Scout Orienteering Net Knots Scouting Clipart
Orienteering for the Young Knots on the WWW Stories, Jokes & Run-ons
How to Use a Compass Ropers Knots Page Songs for Scouts
How Compasses Work Complete Guide to Knots
Topographical Maps
Wilderness Survival Resources
Wilderness Survival Skills

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