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All merit badge counselors are now required to have completed Youth Protection training.  New merit badge counselors will not be approved without completion of the Youth ProtectionTraining.  Please note this date.

 This training can be done online using the following link: .  If you have a scout id, it is preferred that you have it available and enter it at the time the training is taken.  If not, you may take the training under your name.

 It is the counselor’s responsibility to get the training record to Montana Council.  This information is not automatically transmitted. To get the information to the Council, please use one of the two ways below:

  1. After completing the training, please print the certificate and include it with your Merit Badge application forms and send it to Matt Specht, District Director, P.O. Box 1083, Helena, MT 59624.
  2. If you are unable to print the certificate, you may e-mail the certification to with information on when your merit badge application has been or will be submitted.

 If choosing to e-mail the information, please note the following.  In some cases, it has not been possible to make the certificate a PDF, at other times, there has been no problem.  If you are having a problem, you may still e-mail information from the online training by going to the home page again and selecting “Training Validation” which is under “Training”.  At the validation page, either enter your “user name” (your id when you logged in to take the training) or your member id.  Once you enter this, your training will show up with a date.  You can then select this information and paste it into an e-mail. 

 If you have questions on transferring the training record to the District, please call Cathy Quinones at 495-0699.


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Last modified: 01/16/2012


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