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2015 Popcorn Timeline 

September 26: Sale Begins
October 5: Unit Kernels must submit Unit/Scout Goals & Safety Rosters
October 18: Sale Ends
October 20: Unit Kernels must submit Popcorn Orders/Budget/Kickoff Video
November 5/6: Popcorn delivered to Mergenthaler Transfer and then to each Unit
November 24: Popcorn payment due
By December 22: Council prizes mailed out to all Units

On the Montana Council website, you can find links to:

2015 Order Form
2015 Prize Flyer
Sales Instructions
Thank You Cards
Military Receipt
2015 Scholarship Enrollment Form

For Unit Kernels:
Instructions on How to Place Unit's Popcorn Order
Safety Roster & Goals Worksheet
Unit Budget
2015 Prize Order Form

2015 Popcorn Newletter Vol. 1

2015 Popcorn Newletter Vol. 2

2015 Popcorn Newletter Vol. 4

Mystery Houses - as of 10-2-15

Leaders' Popcorn Sale Guidebook - PDF Version

 Ideal Year of Scouting -PDF Version

 Best Selling Practices for Popcorn - PDF version WORD version

How To Sell 25 popcorn items in 1 week  PDF version  WORD version

Pre-Paid Sales Receipts - WORD version

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